07/25/05 15:07:32 MDT
Agile 2005 So Far

It's been over 24 hours since I got to the Agile 2005 conference, so I feel like I should blog it.

I missed the morning's keynotes (I needed the sleep), but I caught the OpenSpace kick-off. I'm surprised it worked so well with such a big group (over 200 people in the room, by my rough count). As you might expect, the circle was actually four or five concentric cirlces, but the effect (with the addition of a microphone for the session conveners) was the same. The kick-off went straight into the first session, which I didn't quite get, so I ended up discussing Python and Ruby with John Roth and Brian Marick, and later Bill Kleb. I did catch the end of Bob Payne's Agile PodCasting session.

Next was an OpenSpace on Agile in Scientific Programming (link to wiki coming soon). Vince and Bill Kleb and I were the only ones in attendance, but we had plenty to talk about. One of the best ideas I got out of it was to run a learning lunch with my apprentices as the core group, start it a half-hour before lunch, and encourage the scientists around me to think of themselves as programmers if they're actually doing programming. Three -- the three best ideas I got out of it....

After finally finding Colorado J (way down at the end of the hall, past the sign saying "Beware of the Leopard"), I'm waiting around during an unscheduled break for a research paper presentation: "Social Behaviors on XP and non-XP Teams: A Comparative Study". I spoke to the author briefly last night at the reception, but I'm still not sure what content to expect. Should be interesting.