Thu Feb 20, 2003 10:37:09 PM
Best Day Ever

Today consisted mostly of: waking up with the remnants of my second cold this month, trudging through the snow to my temporary office space, and discovering that (a) the heat's out; (b) a pipe froze; (c) said pipe burst; (d) aforementioned pipe unfroze again, covering the basement floor with an inch of water and continuing to spray out all over my arm as I closed the world's sharpest shutoff valve, which turned out to be downstream from the leak anyway. So I waited, soggy, for three hours for a plumber who never showed up. Did I mention the heat was out? I ended up propping the front door open because the outside was literally warmer than inside. (Literally literally, not just figuratively literally.)

When I got home tonight, dinner was already on the stove, Molly was happy to see me, and Joe was really, really happy to see me. Once I was out of my wet socks, I even began to appreciate a little bit of humor in the earlier situation.