Sat, July 16, 2005 1:15:15 PM EDT
Pictures in Blintz

I'd like an easy way to publish pictures, and adding that ability to Blintz would probably be the quickest way to get it. Right now, adding a picture to a blog entry involves adding html IMG tags, which is kind of clunky. It'd be nice if the software would notice a similarly-named image and automatically put it in the entry: for example, JoeAtTheZoo would be the text of the entry, and JoeAtTheZoo.jpg or .gif or .png would be included at the top of the entry when it's displayed.

For extra bonus points, multiple numbered pictures could be added in order. Also, they could be put not at the top, but at user-specified points in the entry. The easiest way to do this would be to simply name the picture: JoeAtTheZoo1 or JoeAtTheZoo-1, for instance.

This still doesn't get me a slideshow with thumbnail navigation, though. But what if a multiple-picture entry could be displayed as a slideshow? In other words, the chunk of text before the first picture would be the introductory text, displayed above an array of thumbnails. Then each picture would be its own slide, with the chunk of text after it displayed below it. We could overload the bracket-syntax links to provide a title to go above the picture.

To make the thumbnails, we'd need to use PIL; that shouldn't be hard. And while we're using PIL, maybe we could automatically have it reduce the resolution of the input images to reduce download times. And of course, there's the multiple-resolution angle to consider: maybe we want to provide thumbnail, low-res, and high-res versions of every single picture.

Interesting that this capability seems so easy to design into Blintz.

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