Tue, June 21, 2005 10:45:00 PM EDT
Blintz To-Do

Some things remaining to do on Blintz:

__ add links (w/logo?) back to index

__ add blogroll

__ add meta tags to show last-modified as date of entry

__ add pre-formatting

__ only include CategoryBlogEntry wiki pages in the Blog (option to publish all, but only BEs show up in index)

__ actually parse the dates; come up with standard display formats (can be dd-MON-yy for AllPages, full-length for entry display)

__ embedded images (without using HTML tags)

__ change extended links to use emacs-wiki double-bracket format? e.g. \[\[link\]\[name\]\]

(updated 07/25/05 15:17:49 MDT)

__ really do preformatting right: still in the middle of this

__ text-representation diagrams

__ non-blog pages (opt-out)?

__ checklists displayed more conventionally