Sun, July 03, 2005 7:25:20 PM EDT
Blogging in the Air

We're coming back from a quick trip to northern Michigan for Josh's wedding. And if there's any cachet still attached to blogging from up over the clouds, I'm intent on garnering it.

We arrived at our hotel Friday night at the same time as Chris and Susanne (because we caravaned with them, and I rode with Chris while Susanne rode with Molly). Molly and I were pretty disappointed with our room, which had been billed as a "one-bedroom condo": it was just a hotel-size room, with a bathroom and two beds (one twin, one full). Most importantly, it had no kitchen. But it was eleven thirty at night at this point, and we figured we'd take it up with the front desk in the morning.

Meanwhile Chris and Susanne, who'd gotten a better deal than us, were astounded with what a great room their eighty-seven dollars had bought them: a nice big living room, two full bathrooms, a separate bedroom, a loft above the living room with three more twin beds, and a kitchen complete with fridge, microwave oven, plates, and cookware.

The next day when Chris tried to call us, he picked up the phone and asked for Molly Pannell's room. The clerk asked if she'd booked more than one room; when Chris said she just had one, the clerk replied, "Well, you're in it."

The ditz on the desk the night before had gotten the key envelopes switched before she handed them to us. On the bright side, we got a free lunch out of Chris for our trouble after the wedding Saturday.