10/26/05 14:24:35 EDT
Driving Enhancements

Dollar for dollar, there's no better way to enhance your driving experience than to replace your windshield wiper blades. I bought refills a couple days ago (right before it started raining for the week) and the difference is tremendous. I can see it directly, since I've been too lazy to change the passenger-side wiper.

I had to get a pair for each side, since the "regular Honda-car" (Joe's term) has a 22" blade on the driver's side, and an 18" blade on the passenger's side. But at least I could just get refills, instead of replacing the whole blade like I did a few months ago. Ten bucks well spent — and five I don't have to spend a couple months from now, assuming I don't lose the extras or have them destroyed by various height-challenged residents of my house....