10/25/05 14:41:54 EDT
Fixes to Blintz

OK, yeah, two months between blog entries is pretty bad even for me. I was putting off adding content until I'd finished fixing the preformatting and external link formatting in Blintz, but then the fixing got put off, which meant I forgot the context of the work, which meant....

The actual work itself took almost no time; figuring out where I was took a while, and then trying various things to progress took an hour or so. The problem boiled down to this: all the other methods take a string and return a string. The explicit link formatting method takes a string and returns a list. So instead of just applying it, I had to apply it and flatten the result — which is easy, once you know that's what you need to do.

Itemized Invoice

Making an X .................... $    1.00

Knowing where to make the X .... $9,999.00

Now if I could only figure out why Mozilla is putting the preformatted text in scrolling subwindows....