Thursday, March 25 2004, 9:11 AM
Goin' mobile:

I'm in one of the old people seats on the Metro now: I woke up my laptop on the platform just in time for the train to arrive. This is probably the first time I've ever used a laptop on the Metro. No power outlets, but this machine's been charging non-stop for two weeks or so. A quick check shows it's 95% charged at the moment.

In ten or fifteen minutes, I'll be at the PyCon. It'll be nice to have my own box, instead of leeching off Jeff Elkner's. And the high-speed connections they have at the conference rock.

I've still got to shift and bob and weave when people move past or sit in the perpendicular seat to my right. Oh, well. It's not like I'm playing Asteroids or something.

One thing I'm definitely doing at the Con is to install svn and grab the Twisted source tree. Also charge my phone, which is beeping piteously at the moment.

One thing I think would be very useful: a shoe charger. It has a little generator that works by getting compressed every time you take a step. I guess you'd put the battery in the heel, or strapped to your leg for a retro-fit. On second thought, just have a wire going up to your pocket, or all the way to a belt holster.

Hmmm: it's Thursday at 4:03 AM according to the machine. Time to do a little setup....

I think this is the same problem I had with jelkner's box.

Yup: I set the time with setup (fiddled with the seconds), then suspended, waited a while, and woke it up. The time is now correct

I've also moved to a perpendicular seat, and there's no room to open the display all the way. Everything's at a slightly wrong angle, and a little tough to make out. It also seems like the screen is shaking more, though that could just be because it's already hard to read it.

Turned sideways now: much better. The hinge might actually be stiffer at wider angles. Anyway, we're at McPherson, so I should probably pack up at this point.