Sat Jun 12 23:17:25 2004
Pent-up Thoughts


Rather than blather on about the mechanics behind this blog, here's some non-meta content — I've been thinking a couple of things lately:

Power, in the sense that people have it, is a function of will: a person has a model of how the world is, and one of how the world should be. Power is measured against the ability to change the world to fit the latter model. The difficulty in measuring power is a straightforward consequence of the difficulty in measuring how similar different models are to each other.

Will itself depends on having a target model (description) of the desired state of the world. It's not just that an entity with no desired state of the world, or a desired state that coincides with the actual state of the world even as it changes, has no opportunity to demonstrate will -- it's that such an entity simply has no will.

Causation is intimately linked to the propagation of information. I'm inclined to say that a pair of events without the transmission of information is a pair of events with no causal relationship. This might create interesting circles when we look at theories of the world, which naturally involve causation.