Mon Jun 21 22:26:59 2004
PowerPoint and Obfuscation

By now, everyone's familiar with Edward Tufte's booklet criticizing PowerPoint and his parallel article in Wired.

Here's a telling quote that demonstrates PowerPoint's use to intentionally obscure important information:

According to one appraiser who asked not to be named, companies will often ask appraisers to "roll up" the detailed findings into shallow PowerPoint presentations that don't give a very good picture of the company and its software development processes. "The purpose of the report is to tell companies where they need to improve—that's the whole point of CMM," she says. "But they make us write these fluffernutters that can gloss over important details."

The surrounding article is, itself, a good read: it's about the problems with relying on SEI CMM ratings to choose software development outsourcing companies.