Friday, February 24, 2006 11:10:48 CST
PyCon, Part One

Things have gone great so far. In spite of some minor glitches (such as discovering in mid-air that my verion of Keynote was a 30-day trial, and it was up), my PyGame tutorial yesterday afternoon went well: the students seemed happy, and were actually absorbing the material. I was mildly disappointed that, when we ran short of time, the class voted the Fonts topic off the island — I had a good joke on the topic.

I was somewhat more disappointed that none of the students showed up at the PyGame Lab afterwards, but a few other people dropped in, including Anna Ravenscroft (with a Martelli in there, I forget where), so I had fun and spread the PyGame gospel a little further.

I ran into Mike Orr last night on my way to find some food, and fortunately remembered a bunch of places south of Beltline Road that are open until 10:00. I grabbed an avacado-muenster sandwich at The Great Outdoors, a deli that would have fit right in in Ithaca.

Familiar faces continued to arrive last night (Holger, Stephen Waterbury, Guido, Ian Bicking, Mike, Itamar), and this morning I finally found Jeff Elkner (without students in tow this year).

This morning's keynote was kind of interesting, but (like all keynotes, and as Limi and Runyan themselves admitted) not technical enough. I got interrupted halfway through by a phone call from Molly; James got on the line and informed me that I was at a meeting in Chicago, which I had not previously been aware of.

Now I'm in "All Grown Up: Mission-Critical Python", EWT's Open Space, which is more like a long Lightning Talk. I'm probably going to go drift around after I post this.