Zhok Choop
12/13/05 12:40:00 EST

Saturday morning, James was sitting next to me on the couch, and I had my laptop open. He pointed energetically to the dock, then at the Star Wars Battlefront icon, so I opened the game.

As it was loading, he stared at the screen and said, "Zhok choop." After a slight pause, he said it again.

Then, when the pre-battle movie was playing, he said it more energetically, then finally excitedly: "Zhok choop! Zhok choop!".

When he pointed to every single Empire soldier and said it ("Zhok choop, zhok choop, ZHOK CHOOP!") I realized what he was saying: "Shock Trooper".

Molly says that Joe, who has interesting ideas about what words are likely to be of use to a toddler, taught it to him.

Thu Mar 17 14:46:48 2005

Molly looked in on the boys one morning last week; they were both sitting on The Big Bed, and Joe was holding James's wrist and moving it on and off James's chest.

"What are you guys doing?" asked Molly.

"I am teaching James to punch himself," replied Joe.

James, as usual, undermined our parental authority by finding the whole thing very entertaining.

Sun Jul 4 sometime 2004

So Joe got his hands on a pint container half-full of the colored thingies that go on top of ice cream—and dumped it on the floor. Meanwhile, James is demaning undivided attention every second.

Exasperated, Molly called upstairs to me, "George, can you come down here and give me a hand with these hooligans?"

At which point Joe chimed in, "Actually, Mommy, they're sprinkles."

Car Facts
Sat Jul 3 14:51:10 2004

So Molly was reading Joe the Sesame Street Fire Station book (one of many fireman-related volumes scattered across our living-room floor), and came to the point where a small hatchback car is on fire and the firemen douse it with foam.

"Pinto!", he said, pointing to the car.

Molly immediately suspected my involvement—correctly, it turns out. I had taught him that weeks ago, and while it didn't take at the time, I guess his memory is as good for cars' names as for people's names.

Squirrels and Goldfish
Thu Jun 24 14:29:48 2004

Molly took the boys to Garfield park today, and found the squirrels there to be aggressive panhandlers. After enduring the stares of a clutch of them, she finally tossed them a Goldfish, which they fought bitterly over.

Joe, of course, was horrified -- not that the cute little fluffy-tailed creatures had shown their dark side, but that his mother had squandered so precious a resource:

Tucking his chin in, and using the voice we use on him when he scatters the CD collection over the floor, he commanded, "Mommy, you won't throw any more goldfish on the ground."

Joe's Blog
Thu Jun 24 14:20:00 2004

Well, it's time Joe had his own Blog.

I might throw a couple back-dated entries in, or just go through the Joe archives without trying to accurately date them.